How to Get Kids to Bed on Time Every Time!

Get Kids to Bed

A consistent bedtime is essential for kids. It teaches them rules and routines and allows them to get the much needed rest that they need. You need to buy from  to get better products. So many kids don’t get enough sleep! This is what is generally needed at each age:

Under 1 year: 14-15 hours
1-3 years: 12-14 hours
3-6 years: 10-12 hours
7-12 years: 10-11 hours
12=18 years: 8-9 hours
(Information from

So, getting kids to bed on time, every time starts early. From 3-4 months on, you can begin to establish a bedtime routine. The earlier you start, the easier it Will become in later years.

The first thing you have to do is decide on a bedtime. For infants, it may be somewhat flexible depending on what kind of day and how many naps the baby has had but as they near a year to 18 months, a fairly firm time should be established. What the time is really doesn’t matter too much and depends on your daily schedule. I know parents who put their kids to bed by 6 or 7PM every night and others who wait until 9PM. As long as your child is getting the recommended number of hours of sleep and is not waking up tired and grumpy, it really does not matter too much. If you know that you have to wake your child up early to get to school or daycare, though, this should play into the bedtime that you choose.

Once a time is established, you must begin to establish a routine. For an infant, this might mean bathtime at 6:30 followed by feeding at 6:50 followed by a diaper change. A short story followed by a few songs and then laying them down in their crib by 7:30 with the lights out. You may have a routine of 3 kisses, a hug, then you say “nighty night sweet princess” and the lights out. Do these things consistently and it becomes so routine that the child does not fight it.

As a child grows a bit older, the bedtime routine may change a little bit. You want to make sure all changes are gradual and if you take something away, you replace it with something else. For example, a preschooler does not need to be fed right before bedtime like an infant did but a quick bedtime snack might still be in order. The routine you may follow may change and look like this for a preschooler:

7PM Bedtime Snack
7:15 PM Bathtime
7:35PM Get in pjs and brush teeth
7:45PM Storytime
8PM Potty and hop in bed
You’d still have your 3 kisses, a hug and say your little “nighty night sweet princess” routine

Again, the change from the infant routine to the preschoolers routine would change gradually over months or years. Try to only change one thing at a time so that the child is not overwhelmed.

I have done this with 2 children and have taught friends to do it with their children as well. We have all found that a very tight routine really does help and as children get older, they have a very easy time following it and going right to bed and staying in bed! Children really are creatures of habit and if you help them to make bedtime a habit it will help them get the sleep they need to be healthy and alert every day!

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