A photographic life that begins early.
12 years, solemn communion, a gift.
A Kodak instamatic (square format), my first camera!
What to do with it? Photographing my “girlfriend” …
In view of the results, I make myself squirt!
Lesson # 1: Being in love is not enough to take good photos.
Lesson N ° 2: the girls are really picky about their image!
I go directly to the guitar, it’s easier to seduce …

The limbo of my photos.
18 years old, military service.
By chance, I find myself photographing all the people called up for their identity photos in uniform … development, printing, the B&W lab becomes my favorite place to … avoid meeting officers!
Lesson N ° 3: hyposulfite annoys my roommates.
Not many memories except a few photos of “maneuvers” aboard a helicopter.
Lesson N ° 4: we are less afraid of emptiness with our eyes fixed on the viewfinder.
When I leave, I do a summer camp as a facilitator.
The discovery of a dusty lab at the bottom of an attic, a 6×6 Rolleiflex style,
and here I am promoted to “photo animator”.
Lesson 5: Enthusiasm does not replace experience or skill.
However, it is during this summer camp that,
without knowing it yet, a double vocation will be born:
Take a picture.
Transmit knowledge.
All my future choices will be made through these two passions.

Four years of gestation.
The time to acquire a master’s degree in management at Paris IX Dauphine,
I am fully committed to the life of the “Photo Club” of the university.
Shooting, Prints, Expos, …
with a clear preference for portrait and landscape.
I feed my eye with images, discover the great masters of photography,
but also painting and sculpture.
Lesson N ° 6: Technique is not enough,
you have to have an eye, and it happens in the brain!
A trip to the USA and an internship in an advertising agency
allowed me to sell my first photos.
20,000 Frs, a real jackpot!
So why not a professional photographer?

The art photo has nothing to do with the commission photo.
I know I still have a lot to learn!

Studious holidays as an assistant on Laurent Biancanni’s photo workshops
where I meet Guy Michel Cogné.
This will earn me my first publication:
four pages in CHASSEUR D’IMAGES .
Hundreds will follow, but this one, like “the first girl we took in his arms” or his first B&W print, will be remembered all his life!

Listening to elders.
In September I share a shooting studio with a college friend,
I swallow my savings in a photographic chamber and Godards,
and for a year I share my time at:
– Occasionally assist a large number
of “fashionable” photographers:
Just Jaekin, Uwe Ommer, Francis Giacobetti,
Tcheko Leidmann, Guy Bourdin, Frank Horvat …
– Take a DESS in visual semiotics at Paris V
where I was nourished by R. Barthes, G. Peninou, J. Durand, Bourdieu …
– Go prospecting advertising agencies and advertisers …
– Take wedding photos on the WE (it pays well!)
– Make my “book-pro” (at night)
Lesson 7: There is no recognized talent without tenacity.

A dream life.
Little by little, the publications follow one another (Le Figaro Madame, L’officiel, Vogue, …)
clients are increasing, with an important activity in fine jewelry thanks to the advice of my first client: Jean Vendome.
I aspired to be a fashion photographer and I enjoy photographing jewelry Watches, porcelain, Cars … champagne or chocolates!
I sign pictures for the biggest brands, (Cartier, Bulgari, Mauboussin, Arpels, … Bernardau, Mercedes …, Ferrero).
Lesson N ° 8: a good photo is a sold photo!
However, my best memories remain the privilege of having worked with artists like Jean Vendome (jeweler) Véronique Monod, Yann Zoritchak (glassmakers) and many others, who have each given me a lot.

Change of direction.
I move away a little from the photo for the advertising edition at the birth of my eldest daughter. I join a graphic design studio to make logos, brochures, catalogs … And above all I discover life inside the company. Fascinated by “human” relationships in the company, I take charge of sales management. I take this opportunity to attend the CNAM (Arts & Métiers) section work psychology.

in writing …
It’s 50 years of life!