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Advertising Photography

We have a few professionals who are well-versed in advertisement photography, which can help ensure that the product shines.

Fashion Photos

An editorial shoot which can allow the subject to be on the page and clear.

Beauty Makeup

A simple natural look can go a long way at capturing the audience's attention.

Lingerie and Still Life

A still image that speaks more than what is shown in the picture.

Photo Workshop

With a photo workshop, you can help you improve yourself in simple ways that can enhance the whole look of the picture.


Photo Studio Rental

We can help provide you with the equipment needed to help you make a stunning picture.

Model Session

We can help find your models who are willing to grow with the everchanging landscape of the business.

Digital Pohotography Courses For Beginners

With us, you can learn, grow, and become a professional who can see the beauty of an object and show it to the world

You And Your Equipment

We have access to some of the best equipment, specifically designed to take a still, which can speak a thousand words.

Harnessing The Light

The light is your savior when it comes to taking a picture and show a different perspective of the same.

Photography Principles

Learn the basic rules of photography, which will help ensure that your craft shines no matter the situation.

Photographing People And Places

Photographing people can be difficult, and getting the shot that captures the emotions perfectly can be done with practice.

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I am A Deljarrie, a professional editorial photographer who wants to help the beginners learn the art of taking a good picture. We have access to some of the best equipment and experts who can guide you to your journey into becoming a successful photographer.
Deljarrie is one of the best mentors, and with the knowledge that he has acquired over the years, it is easy to see why his images speak volumes.
James J. Barksdale
With 50 years in the industry, Deljarrie has always taught me that there is something new to learn to help improve your craft.
Anna J. Kemp

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How to Get Kids to Bed on Time Every Time!

Get Kids to Bed

A consistent bedtime is essential for kids. It teaches them rules and routines and allows them to get the much needed rest that they need. You need to buy from https://www.hugoandsons.co.uk  to get better products. So many kids don’t get enough sleep! This is what is generally needed at each age:

Under 1 year: 14-15 hours
1-3 years: 12-14 hours
3-6 years: 10-12 hours
7-12 years: 10-11 hours
12=18 years: 8-9 hours
(Information from http://www.webmd.com/parenting/guide/sleep-children)

So, getting kids to bed on time, every time starts early. From 3-4 months on, you can begin to establish a bedtime routine. The earlier you start, the easier it Will become in later years.

The first thing you have to do is decide on a bedtime. For infants, it may be somewhat flexible depending on what kind of day and how many naps the baby has had but as they near a year to 18 months, a fairly firm time should be established. What the time is really doesn’t matter too much and depends on your daily schedule. I know parents who put their kids to bed by 6 or 7PM every night and others who wait until 9PM. As long as your child is getting the recommended number of hours of sleep and is not waking up tired and grumpy, it really does not matter too much. If you know that you have to wake your child up early to get to school or daycare, though, this should play into the bedtime that you choose.

Once a time is established, you must begin to establish a routine. For an infant, this might mean bathtime at 6:30 followed by feeding at 6:50 followed by a diaper change. A short story followed by a few songs and then laying them down in their crib by 7:30 with the lights out. You may have a routine of 3 kisses, a hug, then you say “nighty night sweet princess” and the lights out. Do these things consistently and it becomes so routine that the child does not fight it.

As a child grows a bit older, the bedtime routine may change a little bit. You want to make sure all changes are gradual and if you take something away, you replace it with something else. For example, a preschooler does not need to be fed right before bedtime like an infant did but a quick bedtime snack might still be in order. The routine you may follow may change and look like this for a preschooler:

7PM Bedtime Snack
7:15 PM Bathtime
7:35PM Get in pjs and brush teeth
7:45PM Storytime
8PM Potty and hop in bed
You’d still have your 3 kisses, a hug and say your little “nighty night sweet princess” routine

Again, the change from the infant routine to the preschoolers routine would change gradually over months or years. Try to only change one thing at a time so that the child is not overwhelmed.

I have done this with 2 children and have taught friends to do it with their children as well. We have all found that a very tight routine really does help and as children get older, they have a very easy time following it and going right to bed and staying in bed! Children really are creatures of habit and if you help them to make bedtime a habit it will help them get the sleep they need to be healthy and alert every day!

Ways to Make Your Photos Look Professional

Photos Look Professional

To make the photos look professional, it takes a lot of practice. But understanding a few ways can allow you to improve your photography skills without efforts dramatically. There are a few tips which will enable you to become a better photographer with simple tricks.

Capture Interesting Lighting

Lighting is number one of the list and is one of the most overlooked aspects of photography. Lighting is one of the most important elements which makes everything look professional. There are many ways that one can make a portrait photo have more interesting lighting. A simple shift in lighting can make everything look and feel its best.

No Aberrations

An aberration is photography is something which is left in the picture that does not belong to the picture. This can make the picture more cluttered and can distract the viewers from enjoying the subject. One of the best ways to cut out any aberrations is to take a close photograph of the person and make sure that the background is kept to a minimum.

Choose a clear subject by zooming in tight.

If you are having a difficult time getting the right picture, one of the first things to get rid of is taking a picture of too many subjects at once. It is important that you need to keep the subject all at one place and to a minimum. Zooming in tight when it comes to a picture can allow us to capture a moment better.

Digital styling

Digital styling is generally applied in photoshop and lightroom that can allow you to have a light photographer creativity which can change the colours, contrast and exposure. Try to learn to adjust the contrast as it can add to the photo or retouch later, which can help you sell the picture at an attractive cost.

Digital styling

Interesting subject

Capturing an interesting subject is usually one of the simplest parts of photography. One of the best things to do is not to get too taken on the subject. Try to make sure that you have access to some of the best images by being more flexible.

Crisp sharpness

There are many factors which can have an impact on the sharpness of a photo, and it is difficult to figure out which image is catching the reduction in sharpness. Try to practice and look into various ways to make the image good. This will allow you to understand the problem and focus on the light quite well. When you are taking a picture of the subject, make sure that you are putting the right effort into placing focus on the eye of the person when you are photographing.